Personal Website


This website serves to show of my CV and portfolio, and maybe more in the future!

In the blog section, you can find interactive applications which seek to provide visual aid to understand a simple concept, or something more complex. For example see the Hidden Surface Removal and Texture Mapping applets in my computer graphics blog.

Social Media Application

This is an Instagram-like application where users and make friends with and chat with others. It uses Spring Boot with the Java language for the back-end and has a front-end written with React Native in JavaScript. Due to not having the rights I can only provide the details if you contact me personally.

AI Chatbot for Discord


This bot is written in Python 3 and uses Disnake to interface with the Discord bot API. It also uses the Hugging Face Inference API to generate text using different GPT models.

Frog Girl Adventures


This is a browser puzzle game where you have to move the protagonist Frog Girl through a maze where she needs to manipulate objects in human form in order to progress, or can jump on lilypads in frog form. The game is powered by Three.JS and has algorithms like for pathfinding.

Frog Girl Adventures



This is a browser application in which the user can simulate the mixing of different aqueous solutions and watch the solute and temperature diffusion in real time. It is written using vanilla JavaScript.